Here Comes Bucci,

the Stray Cat

Male Noraneko, about 6 to 7 years old. (Forecast)

It looks like a wild cat, and its fur is rough and the eyes are sharp. The main part of Balkoniwa, Kobayashi-san, is named Butch because there are two spots around the eyes. Balkoniwa is a balcony of Tokyo Tender Table (design office). He lives freely while territory around Balkoniwa.

It seems that he likes a small, invisible area. Avoid hot places. I don't try to move much, but I do my turf patrols exactly. The residence is moving around the territory. Expressionless is the default. Humans don't want to get involved more than necessary. His eyes are sharp, and he seems to have a flat idea about life and death .

Aquarium of Medaka Bas Rukoniwa seemed that I think the drinking fountains, stole a glance has come for a drink.
I used to spend a leisurely time in Balkoniwa, but recently, because of the vegetable garden grown in Balkoniwa, there is a lot of Kobayashisan coming and going, so I refrain from invading.

It seems that a family has been created recently. It seems that three children were born between the female half-nora and the half-domestic black cat. I haven't seen him spending time with kittens, so he seems to be less interested in parenting.

I don't usually get angry, but when I get in the way of a nap, I start to attack.

However, if you know that anger consumes physical strength, you will soon give up anger.



Not to flock together.

Do not approach.

Do not miss.

One's own way.

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